Who We Are

We are intentionally small and focused.

  • We Are Professionals

    We are career professionals, reliable and capable, with a reputation to protect. We treat our clients the way we would like to be treated. We have a professional relationship with you. We never ignore or abandon our clients.


    We are experts at all things web, from Analytics to Zero trust cybersecurity. Our team's degrees include a PhD, 2 MBAs, and a total of 10 graduate degrees, including some from Johns Hopkins and Harvard. We are fluent in web programming langagues like PHP, Javascript, and Python. We have written frontend code for themes, developed plugins for major content management systems like WordPress and Drupal, and coded our own apps and browser extensions. We also develop curriculum and teach to those trying to build careers in our profession. So if you're wondering whether we can do something, the answer is almost certainly yes.


    Started in 1999, we are one of the longest running professional web development firms serving small to medium sized organizations in America today. Our firm is so old that, true story, Jimmy Wales complimented and referenced our work the year before he launched Wikipedia in 2001. As you might imagine, since 1999 we have built with and managed an incredibly wide array of platforms and technologies for our clients across the country. We are still headquartered just outside of Pittsburgh.

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Our Value Add

Align your website with your business goals.

  • We Focus on Your Company

    We provide websites and digital marketing for American small to medium-sized businesses. We want what works for your company — period. So we prioritize leads over likes and revenues over retweets. Because we own our entire infrastructure and never outsource or resell, we can leverage any technology or service that works best for you.

    Return on Investment

    As a key part of our clients' value chains, our focus is on improving your return on investment from your web presence. We advise clients to always choose the web investment option that will lead to their greatest ROI within their planning horizon. For some this leads to a simple website while for others to something more impactful.

    Old-Fashioned Service

    We are reliable and responsive. We never outsource our work and are always available for our clients. While we can partner with other providers at our client's request, we ordinarily handle absolutely everything for our clients ourselves — from domains to development to hosting to marketing. Our clients are given the principal's cell phone number. They are not an account number. They enjoy prompt respectful responses. They have our assurance to always respond to emergencies.

    Strategy Alignment

    Our clients appreciate our focus on their organization's strategy. Your web and digital media assets should align with and serve your organiation's overall strategic goals. We advise a customized and tailored approach to your web presence. That might mean a simple Wordpress website for a tailor, an ecommerce store for an antiques dealer, secure chat and HIPAA for a physician, appointment booking for an attorney, or an educational platform for a trainer.

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How It Works

How to have us work for you.

  • Get In Touch

    You reach out. We'll discuss your website goals and any issues you might have via email, phone, Zoom or FaceTime — whatever works best. You'll be speaking with the managing principal Matt himself. If we both decide this is a good fit during that time, we can move forward. We have no salespeople, and there is no pressure.

  • Cost

    Most of our small business clients pay $150 per month for everything related to their website. This includes their domain name registration, web hosting, web design & development, email addresses, security updates, website monitoring and so forth. Additional features like HIPAA security, SEO content writing and lead management are extra but fair. Small solo startups and similar situations are less.

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Sample Our Work.

  • Dr. Stanley Greenspan

    The family office of a famous and highly regarded child psychiatrist wanted to train and equip other therapists in his evidence-based therapies. We created and manage an online professional education and certification program with more than 11,000 participants.

    We also developed several Wordpress plugins for this client. Additionally, we created and manage a web app that enables parents to submit videos for their child's theapist to review and annotate.

  • Pittsburgh Gas Grill & Heater

    A Pittsburgh gas plumber with a simple few page website hosted at GoDaddy wanted more leads. His budget was limited.

    We redesigned and hosted his website. We connected him to social media and lead generating platforms like Yelp. We also began a targeted weekly SEO campaign that fit his budget and built him a simple lead management dashboard.

    A year later, he had almost more quality leads than he could handle. He closed his physical storefront and became an online-only operation.

  • Delallo

    A regional specialty food manufacturer asked us to help align their digital marketing with their strategic goal of expanding into nationwide e-commerce. We combined an e-commerce platform with recipes, how-to videos and social media tie-ins.

    After setting it all up, we trained their staff to run it themsleves. Their online store is now a significant revenue driver for their company.

  • Dyslexia Bible

    We designed and developed a unique dyslexia-friendly website of the Bible. With a global reach, it's the most used assistive technology version of the Bible in the world.

    It features a customized version of the Comic Sans font, a table of contents modeled after the periodic table of the elements, and a patent pending color-shifting text rendering technology that greatly enhances readability for those with dyslexia.

  • Bellefield Church

    We help churches and other nonprofits develop and manage their online presence. We also help these organizations signup for and manage their free Google Ads for nonprofits.

  • The Floortime Center

    For The Floortime Center we did indepth SEO writing for a professional therapist audience. We also translated research findings on autism for concerned parents. These website efforts helped their team launch a new center in Virginia.

  • Devocast

    Devocast is a web app. We have developed a number of web apps from video annotations for therapists to a custom podcast generation service. Web apps can be a tremendous revenue and growth generator for businesses, leveraging a company's existing capabilities for a whole new market.

  • Example Websites

    Browse our example websites for the trades, restaurants, and small businesses. Have us customize one of these websites for your company, keep your existing website or have us make something brand new.

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Our Story

We still serve our first client from 1999!

  • Aelign is a premier provider of web media presence for Main Street American organizations who want both peace of mind and a reliable return on investment from their website and other online media efforts. We have the expertise and experience to design, build, and manage the entire spectrum of your organization's online presence so that your web investment seamlessly aligns with your organization's strategic goals.

    We are selective about our clientele to help ensure a mutually beneficial long-lasting relationship. We are primarily interested in working with clients who are committed to providing real value to their customers and communities. Thankfully, many small to medium sized organizations are providing that value day in and day out.

    We are a family owned and operated company of six. Years ago we went big, hired employees, and worked with the likes of huge multinationals Aon and Bausch + Lomb. Then we made a course correction. We enjoy our work more this way and feel great that our small to medium-sized clients get to enjoy Fortune 500-level website quality while dealing directly with principals.

    Our name? We invented it to convey the meaning of being aligned with the grain of the universe in a craftsman woodworking sense of this is how it was meant to be. Nerd alert: We're big fans of hobbits, fly fishing and old books.

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  • Matt and his team have been managing our websites for years. If any of us have a question or have an update, we can just pick up the phone and it's done within a few hours. Where else can you go to get this level of service anymore?

    Paul Aron
  • Five Star Plumbing has been using Aelign since 2017 to manage our website and digital media. Within the first two or three months, we got more leads online than we had gotten the previous year. They are awesome!

    Jim Clemens
  • Aelign went above and beyond all reasonable expectations to deliver a perfect solution for me and my client with urgency.

    Monika Norman
  • I highly recommend Aelign for any cybersecurity work. They were a valuable asset to us in identifying the attacker, attack vector, and damages.

    Mark Calabrese
  • Our hospice care business website was hacked. There were ads for pharmaceuticals on every page. Within 2 hours Aelign had it all cleaned up. We've had them manage our website ever since and could not be more satisfied. No more worry!

    Joe Daniels
  • We approached Aelign to help us reach PCI-compliance with the restriction that there could be no third-party code used. They developed a custom 256-bit AES encryption class in PHP for us based on FIPS 197 that was among the best our IT auditors had seen.

    Matt LeVeque

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