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Website Engineering is a premier provider of web media presence for American small to medium sized organizations who want both peace of mind and a reliable return on investment from their website and other online media efforts. We have the expertise and experience to design, build, and manage the entire spectrum of your organization's online presence so that your web investment seamlessly aligns with your organization's strategic goals.

Our first client continues to be served by us today, 23 years later.

Please pause and reflect on that.
That might actually be a world record for the web.

We are selective about our clientele to help ensure a mutually beneficial long-lasting relationship. We are primarily interested in working with clients who are committed to providing real value to their customers and communities. Thankfully, many small to medium sized organizations are providing that value day in and day out.

Reach out to see if we are a good fit for your organization.

Our Value Add


We are professionals, reliable and capable, with a reputation to protect. We treat our clients the way we would like to be treated. We have a professional relationship with you. You will never have to worry about your web presence again! We never ignore or abandon our clients. Ever.


We are experts at all things web, from Analytics to Zero trust cybersecurity. Our principals include a PhD and alumni of universities such as Johns Hopkins and Harvard who collectively have earned 10 graduate degrees. We not only have all the certifications, we develop curriculum for and teach to those trying to build careers in our profession.


We are quite possibly the longest running professional web development firm serving small to medium sized organizations in America today. Our firm is so old that, true story, Jimmy Wales complimented and referenced our work on an encyclopedic directory the year before he launched Wikipedia in 2001. As you might imagine, since 1999 we have built with and managed an incredibly wide array of platforms and technologies for our clients.


We prioritize information security. We layer security into everything that we do. We have been keeping our clients safe from hackers and malware since 1999, which is three years longer than the prestigious CISM cybersecurity certification has been in existence. We will secure your web presence.

Return on Investment

As a key part of our clients' value chains, our focus is on improving your return on investment from your web presence. Our advice to clients is to always choose the web investment option that will lead to your greatest ROI. This advice applies to every online investment your organization makes from cybersecurity to social media to websites.

Strategy Alignment

Our clients appreciate our focus on their organization's strategy. Your web and digital media assets should align with and serve your organiation's overall strategic goals. We advise a customized and tailored approach to your web presence.

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Our Offerings

Web Management

  • managed website

    Starting at $100 per month

    We manage everything for your website. Website management includes all system administration associated with your website, including hosting, updates, uptime monitoring, and backups. A managed website also includes cybersecurity such as The Website Protector and Brand Monitor.

    We currently support 426 fully managed websites.

    Also includes weekly content ... HIPAA available starting at $325

  • digital media management

    Starting at $300 per month

    includes all of managed website

    adds social media management, regular content creation, and digital customer engagement

    We currently provide complete digital media management for 63 websites.

System Administration

Information Security


Strategy, Design and Development

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Our Service Rates

We always quote an estimate before any client engagement and communicate any significant variance from that estimate for client approval. For customized care, outside the scope of our offerings above, our standard service rate is $250/hr.

Due to our expertise and experience, we often perform jobs significantly faster than the industry average. We also offer discounts for non-profits, pre-funded startups, and for companies that are assets to their local community.

Our initial consultation is always free. We only accept engagements when your ROI is believed to be positive.

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  • Matt and his team have been managing our websites for years. If any of us have a question or have an update, we can just pick up the phone and it's done within a few hours. Where else can you go to get this level of service anymore?

    Paul Aron
  • Five Star Plumbing has been using Word Works and Website Engineering since 2017 to manage our website and digital media. Within the first two or three months, we got more leads online than we had gotten the previous year. They are awesome!

    Jim Clemens
  • Website Engineering went above and beyond all reasonable expectations to deliver a perfect solution for me and my client with urgency.

    Monika Norman
  • I highly recommend Website Engineering for any cybersecurity work. They were a valuable asset to us in identifying the attacker, attack vector, and damages.

    Mark Calabrese
  • Our hospice care business website was hacked. There were ads for pharmaceuticals on every page. Within 2 hours Information Security Doctor and Website Engineering had it all cleaned up. We've had them manage our website ever since and could not be more satisfied. No more worry!

    Joe Daniels
  • We approached Website Engineering to help us reach PCI-compliance with the restriction that there could be no third-party code used. They developed a custom 256-bit AES encryption class in PHP for us based on FIPS 197 that was among the best our IT auditors had seen.

    Matt LeVeque

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